Allan's Water is a small lake that sits in a little nook before Jelai Highland Resort at Jalan Ampang Road. It was turned into a park for recreational activities and paddle boating from a reservoir that fell into disuse over the years. Originally a water collection and supply for British residents during the colonial hill station era, FH Allan, assistant to chief infrastructure engineer FW Mager, was the architect of this project that is named after him today. Surrounding the lake are thick groves of trees and shrubs that emit a natural calm over the environment. Birds fluttering among the treetops are common sights, along with the occasional squirrel and monkey.


Near the entrance, a pier occupies the immediate water's edge, with a large gazebo for visitors to relax under its shade and feed the colourful fishes which congregate below. Another gazebo can be found after the pier, with a small square with concrete benches. Following the footpath along the ticket counter leads to a small bridge that crosses over to a small garden area overlooking the lake. From here, a jungle trail winds along much of the entire lake, reaching deep into the inner pools hidden behind the dense rainforest. For the main activity, paddle boats can be rented from the ticket counter. Each boat fits two occupants - the waters of the lake are still and safe, allowing visitors to enjoy the calm and serenity of the lush greenery. 

Operating Hours

  • 8.30 am - 6.30 pm ( Except Friday : 8.30 am - 12.30 pm/ 2.45 pm - 6.30 pm )


  • RM10.00 per boat (2 persons) @ 15 minutes

*The management takes no responsibility for any loss or injury caused by the negligence of visitors.